Study Finds that Stevia Could Kill Lyme Disease

The Lyme disease is one of those complicated conditions to treat. Doctors agree that the biggest problem for the hard treatment is the rapid shape-shifting abilities. It hides perfectly, and it’s difficult to kill it.
The bad news here is that the number of people suffering from with this disease is constantly on the rise.
Study Finds that Stevia Could Kill Lyme Disease
Dr. Bill Rawls
CDC reveals:
“The number of people diagnosed with Lyme disease each year in the United States is around 300,000. Notably, these estimates do not affect our understanding of the geographic distribution of Lyme disease. Lyme disease cases are concentrated in the Northeast and upper Midwest, with 14 states accounting for over 96% of cases reported to CDC.”
It adds:
“80-90% of the cases reported are considered resolved with the treatment of antibiotics, 10-20% of patients go on to develop the chronic form, which is a persistent and sometimes devastating illness that can harm any organ of the body, including the brain and the nervous system.”
However, things are starting to look better as another study discovers how stevia is the potential cure for the chronic Lyme disease.
The European Journal of Microbiology and Immunology released a study suggesting these curable effects Stevia has the disease.

How Could the Stevia Leaf Kill Lyme Disease?

The leaf is rich in phytonutrients that are also known as antimicrobial agents. For this study to be successful, the researchers compared the effect of stevia extract and daptomycin, cefoperazone, and doxycycline, along with a combination of these antibiotics.
All of these antibiotics are proven as effective against the Lyme disease.
The results came out excellent. IT showed how the stevia leaf extract came out effective against all forms of the bacteria in all possible lab tests.
Four extracts were tested. One came out as the most potent.
The stevia extract can also work against the most antibiotic-resistant of the bacteria known as the biofilm. The individual antibiotics will increase the biofilm rather than prevent the effects of it.
This study has a long way to go to move forward. However, it offers a nice chance and promising for pushing forward. We are looking for the potential cure for Lyme disease, and that’s not a small thing.


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