What do you think if just in 4 minutes a day you can start forming your ideal shape? It sounds unbelievable, but as a matter of fact, it is possible. In this post, we shall present you with a 28-day Plank Challenge which will slowly but surely train your body for strength and endurance. This challenge is taken step by step, it maybe takes time, but the outcomes of implementing it will lead you to an outstanding shape and body form.

If you want more information regarding this challenge, follow the reading, and see for yourself what this challenge in one month will offer to you, believe us you won’t be disappointed.


The Plank Challenge lasts for 4 weeks. When you start with it begin your planking for 20 seconds. Gradually, you will have enough strength and endurance for the 4 minutes planking in the last days. All you need to do is to follow this guideline:
1stDay – 20 seconds
2ndDay – 20 seconds
3rdDay – 30 seconds
4thDay – 30 seconds
5thDay – 40 seconds
6thDay – Take a break whole day
7thDay – 45 seconds
8thDay – 45 seconds
9thDay – 1 Minute
10thDay– 1 Minute
11thDay – 1 Minute
12thDay – 90 seconds
13thDay  – Take a break whole day
14thDay – 90 seconds
15thDay – 90 seconds
16thDay – 2 Minutes
17thDay – 2 Minutes
18thDay – 150 seconds
19thDay – Take a break whole day
20thDay – 150 seconds
21stDay – 150 seconds
22ndDay – 3 Minutes
23rdDay – 3 Minutes
24thDay – 210 seconds
25thDay – Rest whole day
26thDay – 210 seconds
27thDay – 240 seconds
28thDay – Till failure


Planking by itself it is not sufficient for optimal results, you need to take proper planking position so that you achieve the goal you desire. This is the way how it is done:
  1. Your arms need to be positioned correctly. Elbows need to be directly under the shoulders so that there is proper weight circulation.
  2. The spinal column ought to be straight. Try to avoid rounding out your spine and placing unnecessary pressure on your back and neck.
  3. Tighten your core, in order to take the advantage of the exercise.
  4. Place your legs little spread out, and see how your hips will feel during the workout. There shouldn’t be any added pressure on the hip location. Then, adjust the space between your feet as needed.
  5. Your breathing needs to be slow in order for the core to be completely engaged and the body relaxed.


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