Nowadays, many people suffer from different heart problems. Some of the problems are related to tachycardia, angina pectoris, inflammation of heart muscles etc… You can find the solution to these problems in the natural traditional remedy made of hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna). This remedy is really efficient for heart problems.
Hawthorn was used for centuries for healing different aches, by Greeks and Romans. Its healing properties were passed down from generation to generation for centuries. In the modern era in which we live, medicine has improved, and now we have many medicines for healing heart diseases.
However, for heart problems that occur with aging, such as weakening of the heart and heart muscles, has not yet been designed an adequate remedy for a heart that would help. Therefore, we recommend to you the best traditional remedy for heart diseases, and that is hawthorn tincture. Beside hawthorn tincture, you can consume hawthorn tea as well.
Hawthorn tincture
Hawthorn tincture is ideal for strengthening the heart muscle, and besides that, it is used for keeping the arterial health and the whole circulation system. This tincture can be used the ones who already have health problems with a heart like high blood pressure, angina pectoris, various heart defects, atherosclerosis, heart nervousness, heart palpitations, irregular heartbeat, and others.

Hawthorn tincture beneficially affects the nerves and stress, which cause many psychological problems. It can be used by those who currently have not any heart defects, and who fear that they could become ill from similar health problems, for example, if someone from their ancestors had heart problems.
Hawthorn tincture – recipe and method of use
You can make the hawthorn tincture by yourself. What you need are leaves and flowers of hawthorn. Hawthorn blossoms in spring. Besides leaves and flowers, you need 90% medical alcohol, but 70% medical alcohol can serve you too.

The preparation method is very simple: chop well 20g hawthorn leaves and flowers and pour with 1dl alcohol (if you want a greater amount of tincture you can increase the ingredients, for example, 40g of leaves and flowers and 2dl alcohol). Put the ingredients in a glass pot, cover it well and leave it for three weeks at room temperature. Then, strain the content through gauze, and you will get a tincture that is immediately ready for use.

Consume 15 drops of the tincture with some water 3-4 times daily, on empty stomach, before meals.
You will notice the positive results from the hawthorn tincture after three months of constant use. If you want to prepare the hawthorn tincture in autumn, you will need hawthorn leaves and fruits. Chop the leaves and fruits nicely and pour with alcohol, strain the content and leave it for 21 days. The usage is the same as in the previous recipe.
Hawthorn tea
Beside the hawthorn tincture, you can use the hawthorn tea as well. For the preparation of hawthorn tea, you can use leaves, flowers, and fruits of hawthorn. Take one tablespoon of leaves, or flowers, or fruits, or a mixture of them. Drink 2-3 cups from this tea a day, slowly and in small sips. If you suffer from severe heart problems, consume the tea for a longer period of time.
All cardiac problem can be successfully treated with a hawthorn tea and a hawthorn tincture.


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