Cupping Therapy An Ancient Technique With Many Health Benefits (Hijama Therapy)

Have you ever heard about cupping therapy?

In 2016, Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps’ back showed many bruises and red "spots". Do you remember it?  

Many people don't know, but those spots were caused by cupping therapy. 

This Chinese medicinal therapy, created more than two thousand years ago, is a type of natural treatment in which vacuum is created by the suction of skin (by cups). 

The vacuum created stimulates blood circulation and it is believed that the toxins in the blood are released through this process. 

When the blood circulation is activated by the cups, the increase of blood in the area favors the nutrition of muscles, alleviating tensions, and muscle and joint aches.

Watch the video to learn the main benefits of cupping therapy.

But, how does cupping therapy work?

You put fire on a piece of cotton and pass the flame inside a special cup and put it over the body, creating a vacuum. This process is completely painless, and you will feel just a soft suction on your skin. 

Usually, one does not feel any heat or discomfort, and the sessions can be even relaxing. 

The benefits of cupping are very satisfactory and are worth the slight discomfort. If you have done cupping therapy before, share your opinions with us.


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