7 Coffee Brewing Methods & Their Different Benefits

 Recently, we talked about the best way of brewing coffee for your health. Have you watched it yet? 

We have already have talked about the benefits of coffee, why not to add sugar, why not to add milk nor drink it black, and even listed some natural alternatives to coffee, for those who want to leave caffeine behind. 

If you are a coffee lover, you must have already watched these videos. But today's video will show you different ways of brewing a good cup of coffee. 

Did you know that the same product can result in different aroma and flavors, according to what extraction techniques are used? That's amazing, isn't it? 

From espresso to cappuccino, there are hundreds of different ways of brewing coffee. 

And in the last few years, we have even more ways of roasting and brewing coffee: infusion, press, and gravity. Have you ever heard about them? 

Learn about 7 methods of brewing coffee: 

French press 

This is a classic technique that uses a special press pot, where water and coffee are infused. 

Clever Dripper 

This is another infusion method with a cup that has the same shape as a paper filter, but with a valve on its base that only releases coffee once the filter is put over a cup or jar. 

Moka pot 

In this case, the extraction happens through water pressure, once it starts to boil in the bottom of the pot. 


In this method, coffee is immersed in hot water, and is extracted by manual pressure, producing a subtle and aromatic coffee. 

Kalita Wave 

The coffee is brewed in a wavy paper filter, which reduces the contact of coffee with the support and offers uniform filtering. 

Hario V60 

This is the evolution of simple paper filters. 

Cloth filter 

In this method, the cloth filters all the coffee solids, but the beverage is affected by the residues of past extractions that remain in the cloth. 

Besides the method you choose to use, it is important to pay attention when choosing the coffee grains, so you can have higher quality and, thus, a better coffee. 

Now that you learned about seven methods of brewing, tell us: what is your favorite way of brewing coffee?


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