7 Foods That Make You Taller

 Although your height depends on your genetics, certain nutrients can guarantee adequate growth and development. Did you know that? 

In cases of young people that haven't reached their definitive height yet, diet can have a big impact on the process. 

Now, if you have already gone through this phase, did you know that your height can decrease as the years go by? 

In fact, after we reach our 30s we may start to, slowly and gradually, "lose" our height. 

It can happen for many reasons, either by the natural wear and tear of the joint cartilages or because of bone diseases, such as osteoporosis, which can shorten the spine. 

In this case, eating the right foods will help you keep your height by contributing to bone and joint health. 

Did you know that proteins, for example, play a fundamental role in healthy development? 

Besides that, they help promote tissue repair and immune function. 

Other micronutrients, like calcium, vitamin D, magnesium and phosphorus are also involved in bone health, which is essential for growth. 

Learn now about 7 foods that can help you grow taller or keep your current height!

So, filling your diet with many different nutritious foods can not only improve your general health but also help you grow taller or keep your current height. 

Isn't it interesting? Did you know that already?


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