A Thyroid Juice Anyone With Inflammation or Hormone Imbalance Should Drink

 The recipe we will show you today is a powerful juice that can help you in cases of inflammation and hormonal imbalances, besides contributing to the good functioning of the thyroid. 

This powerful mixture is great for the metabolism and can reinforce the treatment of hypothyroidism. 

Hypothyroidism happens when the thyroid gland doesn't produce the optimal amount of hormones. It affects both genders and usually happens after 50 years of age. 

Do you know the importance of thyroid to our body? 

That's why this juice can help you a lot if you suffer from any of these symptoms or if you have any  inflammations  in your body. 

Do you want to learn this recipe? Write down the ingredients:

1 qt. water;

16 oz. coconut water; 

1.5" to 2" slice of fresh ginger; 

1 teaspoon cinnamon powder; 

1 tablespoon coconut oil; 

1 pinch nutmeg; 

Half a glass of natural orange juice (freshly squeezed); 

Juice of 2 small lemons (freshly squeezed);

To do the juice, start by heating the water and, once it starts boiling, add the spices (cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg). 

Lower the heat and let it boil for a few minutes. Add the remaining ingredients: lemon and orange juices, coconut water, coconut oil and mix it well. 

And it is ready. Keep it in the fridge and you can drink the juice throughout the day. 

Drink this juice for 15 days, then give it a 7-days pause. Do it until you feel an improvement in the symptoms. 


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