How to Stop Bleeding Gums at Home

 Gingivitis is a bacterial disease that can be followed by symptoms that vary according to its causes. 

Inflammation and gum bleeding are some of the symptoms that may happen. 

Having gum inflammation can be a precursor to periodontal disease, because, if not treated, it tends to keep progressing until it reaches and destroys the periodontal ligament and the alveolar bone that involves and sustains the teeth (support tissues), and can even lead to tooth loss in more advanced cases. This issue deserves a lot of care and attention!

Do you suffer from gingivitis, or know someone who does? 

According to the Health Ministry of many countries, oral health is an integral part of general health. Did you know that? 

Some say that gingivitis can be related to heart issues. There is a theory that gingivitis allows bacteria to enter the blood flow, where they adhere to the fat deposits in the blood vessels. It can cause clots and heart issues. 

So, taking care of your oral health is an essential step for having good health. 

But, how can you know if you suffer from gingivitis? 

Of course, an evaluation by a dentist is essential, but gingivitis has some very specific symptoms, such as toothache, sensible and loose teeth (some may even fall), bleeding, white plaque on gums, redness and bad breath. When someone has tooth loss, it means gingivitis is already well advanced. 

The ideal is to treat it at the first signs, especially when bleeding happens. 

To have perfect oral health, you need to keep your mouth healthy. It means brushing teeth, flossing daily, and visiting the dentist regularly. 

Many people say that using hydrogen peroxide can help sanitize the mouth and avoid gum issues. Do you want to know how?

It is important to note that, at any sign of irritation or allergic reaction, the treatment must be suspended immediately.

It is also worth noting that hydrogen peroxide must be diluted when you are doing the rinse, and you must use a sterilized measurement cup.


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