What Will Happen If You Start Eating Oats Every Day

 You certainly have already heard someone talking about the benefits of oats for our body health, right?

It shows up in some of the recipes on our channel, and even in some healthy and functional recipes that we find today. 

But, do you know all the benefits of eating oats?

Oats are well known around the world and can be found in many people's breakfasts. 

It is a cereal rich in fiber and can be found as flour, rolled oats, or oat bran. 

Although oats don't contain gluten, most of its production is processed in places that also handle wheat, which makes oat to be considered a dangerous food for celiac people. 

If you have celiac disease, you must opt for a brand that says "gluten-free" on their label, to avoid the risk of cross-contamination. 

Eating oats can bring many benefits to your health, besides making your day taste a little bit better. 

Learn the main benefits of oats!

Helps with weight loss

Improves heart health

Prevents diabetes

Keeps the intestine in check 

Some studies show that the daily ingestion of 1.05 oz. (around three tablespoons) of oats is enough to get all the benefits of the cereal. 

This portion contains 2.7g of fiber. But it is important to remember that after ingesting fiber, it is necessary to watch your daily water intake. 

Do you like the benefits of oats? Do you want to know how to include it in your diet? 

The consumption of oats is contraindicated for those who suffer from celiac disease, irritable bowel syndrome, and people with accelerated intestinal transit. 

Besides that, excessive consumption of oats can cause food intolerance or flatulence. 

Although oats offer lots of benefits, it is not completely beneficial. 

Some people can have undesirable symptoms when consuming oats, even in the gluten-free version.


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