Do You Suffer From Arthritis or Joint Pain? Try This Cheap Juice Recipe!

 Recently on the channel, we made a video about the benefits of cucumber. Have you watched it yet? But today we will talk about Japanese cucumber. 

This vegetable is rich in water, minerals, and antioxidants. It hydrates the body and keeps the intestines working. 

Besides the pulp, the skin and seeds are edible and are rich in fiber and beta carotene. They all contribute to eye, skin, and hair health. 

Cucumbers also help with weight loss, contribute to intestinal transit, keep the body hydrated, improves skin, nail, eyes, and hair health, helps with blood circulation, and prevents cancer! Amazing, isn't it? 

But, did you know that cucumbers also help treat arthritis and arthrosis? That’s right, this vegetable also helps with bone health and inflammatory processes, thanks to vitamin K and calcium. 

And, if that isn't enough, according to some scientific tests, the Japanese cucumber can also be used to treat moderate osteoarthritis. How incredible is that? 

After learning about all these benefits, you must be wondering some of the ways of consuming Japanese cucumber, right? 

So, we will teach you a simple recipe that takes ingredients that are easy to find. 


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