Every American has a cup of coffee at breakfast or after lunch.

 Do you get tired when you drink coffee? Here's the reason!

Coffee is good for you, and we've talked about why you shouldn't add sugar to it, why you should drink it with milk, and the healthiest way to drink it.

People who don't want to drink coffee can look for natural coffee alternatives.

It will also show you why coffee might make you tired in this video. Do you understand why?

Surely you've had a cup of coffee after lunch to keep you awake and boost your mood. Why do people drink coffee? Caffeine keeps them awake, which is why they do it so often!

And it works because caffeine is a stimulant for the central nervous system (CNS). This makes coffee the favorite drink in every office in the world.

People who drink caffeine have less CNS activity when they sleep, because caffeine blocks adenosine. Adenosine, which makes us sleepy, is blocked by caffeine, which makes us more alert.

Why do some people drink coffee and still be tired?

For Marilyn Cornelis, a researcher at Northwestern University, there are a lot of genetic factors that affect how the body responds to caffeine.

People who study coffee say there are a lot of other reasons why it makes you sleepy.

It makes you thirsty.

It helps lower blood sugar. Fungi do this.

In this case, it makes you tired.

When you drink coffee, do you get tired and go to sleep?

Is it something you've tried? It went well.


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