Why did some distributors quit from Herbalife and Nu Skin but not from IMC?

Herbalife, Nu Skin, and IMC are all multi-level marketing (MLM) companies that sell personal care and nutrition products through a network of independent distributors. The reasons why some distributors quit from one company but not another can vary depending on personal circumstances and experiences.

However, some common reasons why distributors may quit from a specific MLM company include:

  • Lack of support and training from the company and upline distributors
  • Difficulty in making a profit or earning enough income
  • Difficulty in finding and recruiting new members to join the business
  • Disillusionment with the company's products or business model
  • Changes in the company's policies or management

It is possible that some distributors found more success or a better experience with IMC compared to Herbalife or Nu Skin. Factors such as the company's culture, product line, compensation plan, and leadership can all affect a distributor's decision to stay or leave a company. Additionally, personal circumstances such as the availability of time and resources, and the strength of one's personal network can also play a role in a distributor's success and decision to stay or leave a company.


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