Utilize a Familiar Kitchen Item to Fight Gingivitis

"Using Hydrogen Peroxide to Treat Gingivitis at Home is a Quick and Easy Method

Inflammation and bleeding of the gums are symptoms of gingivitis, a common bacterial disease. It can be brought on by not taking enough care of your teeth and gums or by a lack of cleaning between the teeth. Hydrogen peroxide, which is commonly found in households, can be used as a gingivitis treatment. The disinfectant properties of this compound ensure that the disease-causing bacteria are eradicated.

The solution can be made by combining half a cup of water with a quarter cup of hydrogen peroxide (3%). Spend 30 seconds rinsing your mouth with the solution before discarding it. You can use the solution for up to three days without rinsing it out afterward, though you certainly can if you find the taste to be too strong.

Hydrogen peroxide isn't just useful for treating gingivitis; it also helps with bad breath and stops bleeding after extractions. However, it should be used with caution and only after consulting with a dentist before any extractions are attempted.

Gingivitis can be treated with hydrogen peroxide, which is both easy and effective to use. If you or a loved one ever contract this illness, keep in mind that hydrogen peroxide is a safe and effective home remedy you can make yourself."


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