Maximize Wardrobe Space with Vacuum-Packing Pro Tips

A vacuum is a device that creates a partial vacuum by removing the air or gas from a space. This is usually done by using a pump to pumpout the air or a fan to create suction. 

In a household vacuum cleaner, for example, the suction generated by the motor and fan pulls dust and debris from the floor and into a bag or canister. Industrial vacuum systems are used to clean uplarge amounts of debris in factories or warehouses, and scientific research often requires the use of vacuum systems to create environments with very low levels of air or gas pressure. 

Vacuum technology is also used in a variety of other applications, such as in the creation of light bulbs, vacuum tubes, and electronic devices. In addition to pumps and fans, other components that can be used in a vacuum system include valves, gauges, and various types of filters.


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