How to Create Focus on a Photo in Photoshop

This tutorial will tell you how to create focus on a photo by using blur map.
focus on photo
You’ll need:
  • Adobe Photoshop
Step 1
Open your picture in Photoshop or you can use this stock photo. Now, select black (#000000) as the foreground color.
 focus on photo cavalry
Step 2
Choose the Pen Tool, make sure Shape Layers is selected and draw the man’s figure. Keep the layer opacity at 50% to see the shape of the man.
 focus on photo pen tool
 focus on photo pen tool result
After selecting, increase the opacity of the layer to 100%.
 focus on photo opacity
Step 3
Using the Pen Tool, draw the shape of the left horse with the foreground color set as #212121.
 focus on photo left horse
Step 4
Now, with the color #4c4c4c, draw the right horse’s shape.
 focus on photo right horse
Step 5
Draw another shape with the color #747474 and position the layers as shown below.
 focus on photo bottom
Step 6
Draw another shape with the color #9a9a9a.
 focus on photo middle horse
Move this new layer below all the other layers except the photo layer.
 focus on photo position layers
Step 7
Draw the horse in the back in the same way but with the color #c0c0c0.
 focus on photo back horse
Step 8
Now, create a new layer and fill it with the color #e7e7e7.
 focus on photo new layer
Step 9
Merge all of the layers except for the photo layer. Now, select the photo layer and open the Channels panel by clicking on Window > Channels.
 focus on photo channels panel
Create a new channel.
 focus on photo new channel
On the layers palette, ctrl-click on the merged layer thumbnail to select it.
 focus on photo select
Press Ctrl+C to copy the selected layer, select the Alpha 1 channel and press Ctrl+V to paste it. Move the layer content a bit to the left in order to position it correctly.
 focus on photo paste
Step 10
Hide the merged layer and Alpha 1 channel by clicking on the visibility icon (the eye).
 focus on photo hide
Now, select the photo layer, go to Filter > Blur > Lens Blur and apply a blur with the settings shown below.
 focus on photo blur
And we’re done!
 focus on photo


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