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In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to create a warped photo effect collage using the Warp Tool. This collage is easy to create and requires simple repetition of some steps, like we did before to create a collage.
 warped photo effect collage

To create a warped photo effect collage, you’ll need:

  • Photoshop CS2+
Step 1
Open the first image for your collage.

 warped photo effect collage first image

Hold the Option (Macs) / Alt (Windows) key and double-click on the Background layer in the Layers palette to rename the layer.

 warped photo effect collage rename layer
Step 2
Now, hold the Command (Macs) / Ctrl (Windows) key and click on the New Layer option.

 warped photo effect collage new layer

Go to Image > Canvas Size and use the following settings.

warped photo effect collage canvas size 

 warped photo effect collage canvas size result
Step 3
We’ll now add a white border around the photo. Go to Edit > Stroke and use the following settings. Make sure the color is set to white.

 warped photo effect collage stroke 

 warped photo effect collage stroke result

Step 4
We’ll now warp the photo. Press Command+T (Macs) / Ctrl+T (Windows) and click on the Warp option in the Options Bar that appears.

 warped photo effect collage warp tool

Play around with the Warp Tool till you get a result that works for your image and press Return (Macs) / Enter (Windows) when you’re done. Here’s my image:
 warp tool result

Step 5
With Layer 0 selected, press Command+J (Macs) / Ctrl+J (Windows) to duplicate it.

 warped photo effect collage duplicate

Select the original Layer 0, press D to set black and white as the foreground and background colors and press Shift+Option+Delete (Macs) / Shift+Alt+Backspace (Windows) to fill the picture with black.


We’ll create a drop shadow by pressing Command+T (Macs) / Ctrl+T (Windows) and reshaping the black area so that it sticks out from under the bottom right of the image.

 drop shadow

Step 6
Let’s blur the edges a little by going to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur and using the value shown.


Also, lower the opacity to about 60%.

 opacity 60 

 opacity 60 result

Step 7
Let’s add shadows and highlights to our photo now. Select the top layer and click on the New Layer option.

 new layer top 

Change the new layer’s blending mode to Hard Light and lower its opacity to about 20%.

 hard light 

 opacity 20
Hold the Command (Macs) / Ctrl (Windows) key and click on the Layer 0 copy’s thumbnail to load a selection of the image.


 selection result 

Now, grab the Brush Tool and paint subtle shadows over your picture with black color. Change the brush’s size and edge hardness as required. I added some shadows in the top-right, top-left and page curl on the bottom.


Press X to set white as the foreground color and add some highlights, adjusting your brush’s size and edge hardness as required. I added a subtle highlight in the bottom-left corner. When you’re done, press Command+D (Macs) / Ctrl+ D (Windows) to deselect the selection.


Adjust the layer opacity if required. I set mine at 22%.

 opacity 22 

 opacity 22 result

Step 8
Group the layers together by selecting Layer 2, holding the Shift key, selecting Layer 0 and pressing Command+G (Macs) / Ctrl+J (Windows). Double-click on the group created and name it “Photo 1”.


Step 9
Now, open the image you’ll be using as the background.

 background image 

Drag the layer group from your previous photo window to your background image document.

 drag group

Step 10
Press Command+T (Macs) / Ctrl+T (Windows) and resize and move the picture as required.

 free transform

Step 11
To add more pictures for our warped photo effect collage, repeat steps 1 to 10, warping each image differently to add variety and naming the groups in succession. I added two more pictures.

 warped photo effect collage layers palette 

And we’re done! The warped photo effect collage tutorial is complete!

 warped photo effect collage


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