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Double knitting is an interesting and unique technique, and it’s the perfect skill to tackle for intermediate knitters who are looking for a new challenge. It creates a dense, smooth fabric that’s completely reversible, and it will make you feel so clever as it comes off your needles. Double knitting is the perfect technique for making projects that you’ll see both sides of, like scarves, and it’s also great for making reversible projects, like a reversible beanie.

  • Knitting needles
  • Two balls of yarn in contrasting colors
A two-stranded tubular cast-on creates an attractive edge and gets the sequence started for plain, solid-colored rows.

To increase and decrease in double knitting, you’ll first need to know how to increase and decrease on simpler knits.

Charts for double knitting can be a little confusing at first, but if you focus on what your knitting will look like once it’s off your needles and remember that you’re knitting both sides at the same time, you’ll have good results.

When you’re all done, combine decreases with a basic bind-off to finish your double knitting. Weave in your ends, and don’t forget to block your knitting!

Now that you’ve learned how to cast on, add shaping, follow a chart, and bind off, you’re ready to take on any double-knitting project. Why not design your own chart? Use graph paper and colored pencils to create your own double-knitting chart and experiment with the technique.


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