Needle Felting Basics: How to Make a Felted Wool Star

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What You'll Be Creating
Wool is a wonderfully versatile natural fiber. Wool roving comes in a wide variety of colors to match any decor or theme. Needle felting is just one way to to use this natural fiber to create beautiful projects.
Needle felting supplies
  • Wool roving
  • Felting needle
  • Thick sponge
  • Cookie Cutter
Gently pull short "drafts" or pieces of wool from the larger piece of roving.
Pull drafts from the larger piece of wool roving
Place the cookie cutter on the sponge and start filling the interior of the cookie cutter with the drafts you just pulled. Make sure try to make the level of wool consistent throughout the shape and to fill it with plenty of wool.
Place the cookie cutter on the sponge
Now using your felting needle begin to poke the wool. Try to work evenly and pay particular attention to the edges and corners of the star.
begin to poke the wool
After poking the wool with the felting needle for one to two minutes, your project will look like this.
Project so far
To keep your project from sticking to the sponge too much, you must pick up the cookie cutter and wool and flip it over. Continue to poke the felting needle into the wool on this side for one to two minutes. Repeat steps 3–5, flipping the project and felting the wool until the wool becomes firm and holds its shape.
Flip it over and keeping poking the wool
Once the wool has felted enough to hold its shape, remove the cookie cutter.
remove the cookie cutter
Continue using the felting needle to refine the shape.  Pay particular attention to the edges. If there is a bump or uneven edge, poke the felting needle into it a few times. This will cause the wool to felt and the bump to reduce.
Continue using the felting needle to refine the shape
In this tutorial you learned how to make a felted wool star. You learned how to use a cookie cutter as a guide to felt wool roving and how to use a felting needle.

There are so many uses for your felted star. Make several more and string them together to make a mobile. Put a bit of yarn through the top and you have a lovely Christmas ornament. There is no reason to stop with stars. Hearts, flowers, and other fun cookie cutters are perfect for making other felted shapes.
Finished felted star


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