13 Signs That Tell You About A Cancer. My Mother Realized She Had The # 2 … This You Should Not Ignore

We all know that diseases are the pebble in the shoe of our life, we spend every day avoiding at any cost to contract one of these, but sometimes it is a little inevitable, since we do not know the reasons why a type of disease.

British scientists have identified symptoms more commonly associated with this disease, including the presence of blood in the urine and anemia. The study, published in the British Journal of General Practice, also refers to blood in the rectum, lumps in the breasts and coughing up blood as other cancer symptoms.

Most important symptoms that can determine if you have cancer:
To elaborate this list, the scientists crossed the results of 25 previous studies that allowed them to conclude that in the case of people fewer than 55 only two of these symptoms (anomalous results in prostate and breast lumps) indicated a risk of 5% have cancer.

After 55, although only in the case of men, difficulty swallowing would be significant for esophageal cancer, while the presence of blood in the urine becomes a symptom of particular concern between men and women from The 60 years.
The signs that may indicate the presence of a cancer are the following:
  1. Weakness and fatigue
  2. Bleeding at Evacuation
  3. Facial swelling
  4. Back pain
  5. Changes in nipples
  6. Satiety or uncontrollable hunger
  7. Chest pain and cough
  8. Abdominal pain
  9. Difficulty breathing
  10. Nail changes
  11. Pain in the breasts
  12. Weight loss
  13. Difficulty to swallow

Now, you can be attentive to some of these symptoms and go with an expert when you feel the presence of some.


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