Assistant helps Ellen with technical difficulty. Then man surprises assistant with ring in hand

JenSchoening, a wardrobe assistant for The Ellen Show, thought it was just another day on the job where things weren’t going quite right. Ellen Degeneres was supposed to be talking to Aaron Pinkston, a field producer, via a live shot from Chicago, however, there were “technical difficulties and the audio wasn’t working.
During a break to assess the problem, Degeneres asked Schoening, who is Pinkston’s girlfriend, to come on stage to fix a wardrobe malfunction.
Schoening had no idea she that her life would completely change int he next few moments.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

And she definitely didn’t think that everything that just occurred was actually an elaborate ruse for her surprise wedding proposal.
Degeneres keeps on insisting to Schoening that Pinkston should be there. That’s when Schoening spotted her boyfriend coming from backstage dressed in a suit. He drops to one knee, says some romantic things and asks her to be his wife.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

Schoening was a little shocked but she, of course, said “yes!” Their happy proposal was viewed almost 8 million times on YouTube.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

Degeneres couldn’t have been more excited for the happy couple. She was more than glad to help scheme with Pinkerton to give her wardrobe assistant a super romantic on-air engagement.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

You can watch the special surprise proposal below!
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