Cop pulls over couple and tells them to step out of car. Then cop tells boy to get on his knees

Austin Urhan had a unique way of proposing to his girlfriend of seven years, Samantha Watson.
Watson knew the proposal was on its way. She even gave him guidelines.
“I don’t want it to be you know, cliché, I don’t want it to be something I’ve seen 100 times, and just please make sure it’s on camera,” Urhan told KFVS 12.
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However, she had no idea that being pulled over by an officer from the Scott County Sheriff’s Department was a part of her boyfriend’s proposal scheme.
The officer pulled over Urhan and Watson and said that he had complaints that someone was speeding. He then pulled Urhan out of the car and began to search him. The officer pretended to find something illegal on Urhan.
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The officer then asked Watson to step alongside Urhan. That’s when Urhan got down on one knee.
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After their happy moment, Urhan asked if Watson was scared and she admitted that she was.
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“I was very impressed with him that he went through all this. It’s something I can’t describe. It’s so many emotions in one,” Watson said.
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The happy couple was very grateful to the sheriff’s department for going out of the way to help with the engagement proposal. And so was the internet.
The titled “Cop ‘Engaged’ In Traffic Stop Leads To Life Sentence,” has been viewed more than 2 million times on YouTube. You can watch it below.
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