Couple learn their expecting a baby, tell family and friends with hilarious Batman-themed photoshoot

Nashville couple James and Alisha Doherty love superheroes. I mean, they REALLY love superheroes. So, when Alisha found out she was pregnant there was only one way they could announce the good news to their family and friends… a superhero photo shoot.
The photo shoot was themed after none other than the Caped Crusader himself, Batman.
Source: James Doherty
“I actually can’t remember who had the idea,” James told ABC News. “She’s a good sport when it comes to that sort of thing. I don’t really have to twist her arm to do this sort of thing.”
The photos were posted on Imgur and Reddit with the most adorable caption,“My wife and I have a sidekick on the way,” and show James at Batman and Alisha at Batgirl, who is holding up a tiny Robin costume.
Source: James Doherty
The internet has had an overwhelmingly positive response to the fun pregnancy announcement photos
  • “This may be the best announcement pictures I’ve ever seen.”
  • “Many many congrats!! Most creative reveal I can remember. 😎 (And always remember, when I announced the pregnancy, it was ” I’m not fat and I can still do that job”. ) These are so much better!”
Source: James Doherty
Here we see Batman preparing for his new little sidekick by reading “What to Expect,” and below he is “drinking for three,” while Batgirl is eating for two.
Source: James Doherty
They also have this sweet shot from inside the Batcave.

The Dohertys have been doing Batman appearances at birthday parties, fundraisers, and charity events for a few years free of charge, for fun. James told Scary Mommy that, “…it’s a big part of our lives. So when the news came, we both kinda knew we would be doing it this way.”

James buys the pieces for his costumes, from a friend and makes the capes all on his own.
“I get them and put them together,” he said. “This suit, in particular, the torso and the legs, is a motorcycle suit. And part of it is rubber. The capes I make myself. That’s generally how I make the income to keep the hobby up.”
You can see James’ costumes on his Instagram page here.
Source: James Doherty
Since this couple is fond of playing dress up, they are super excited that their little sidekick will be due on Halloween.
“Maybe not as a baby, but definitely as it grows up we’ll have some pretty cool costumes,” James told ABC News. “We love Halloween and dressing up.”
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Source: Scary Mommy


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