Dad pranks daughters and asks them to buy ‘blinker fluid’ – They have no idea it doesn’t exist!

It’s no secret that the phenomenon of ‘dad jokes’ is irresistibly funny, well, for the dads at least. It was April 1st, and one father was driving around with his two daughters.
Because it was a special day, the dad thought it’d be hilarious to pull a prank on his daughters. They stopped by a car store with all sorts of auto parts and while he was waiting in the parking lot, he gave his daughters a coupon and asked to buy a couple of things for his car.

Source: Rohe

He requested some blinker fluid (for the brake lights), and also wanted them to get a bucket of steam. Now as you know, those things don’t exactly exist. The daughters may have looked a bit weird when they heard their dad’s request, but went ahead into the store to grab the things anyway.

Source: Rohe

The dad filmed the entire moment afterward and posted their hilarious reaction online. One of the daughters kept pushing to get the blinker fluid, as she thought it existed because of the coupon. However, the store clerk kept laughing saying it simply wasn’t real.

Source: Rohe

When the daughters come back, one of them is clearly a bit embarrassed because of the whole thing but they all find it a hilarious.
We have to admit, some ‘dad jokes’ are actually pretty funny, especially when there’s blinker fluid involved.
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