Mom doesn’t know Air Force son’s standing behind her, sprints into his arms when she sees him

In addition to risking their lives, the men and women who serve in the United States Armed Forces make lots of sacrifices. One of the biggest, if the not biggest, sacrifices they make is spending long bouts of time away from their family and friends.
It’s a sacrifice that their families must shoulder as well. So when they finally do reunite, it’s an emotional and moving reunion.
Airman Eman Govea hadn’t seen his family in six months while he was attending Air Force BMT and SF Technical School. So, he decided he wanted to surprise them when he finally came back home for a visit.

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He snuck up on the side of his house while his father got his mother to come to the door while covering her eyes. Govea stretched his arms out wide to get ready for his mom’s embrace.
When his dad tells his mother to turn around, she was shocked then began to scream wildly and ran to her son.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

All that worry about his safety and well-being melted away and was replaced with the reassurance that she didn’t have to miss him anymore.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

If you’ve ever missed someone, this video will surely make you shed a few tears if you know how hard it is to be without the ones you love. You can watch it below.
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Source: Eman Govea


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