Mom tells prematurely born baby “I love you,” flips out when he says it back for the 1st time

A mother from a loving three-month-old baby went absolutely nuts when she said ‘I love you’ to her little jewel and he responded with an ‘I Love You’ back in the most adorable way possible.
Source: Newsflare
Baby Bennett was born in Summit County, Ohio, and had to spend a little over his first hundred days in the world in the hospital, as he was born at just 26 weeks and 3 days of pregnancy and only weighing just a bit over two pounds.
Source: Newsflare
His parents stayed with him in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and tried to take care of Bennet the best they could. Luckily, ‘Baby Bennett’ got healthy after a long one hundred days and could soon go home for the first time with his loving parents.
Source: Newsflare

When his mom then plays around with her baby and tells him ‘I Love You’, she starts uncontrollably dancing around and laughing, and smilingly telling ‘I told you’ to her husband.

After her enjoyable and funny dance of joy and pure happiness, she goes back to Bennett again to tell him she loves him. There’s nothing sweeter than the love between parents and their newborn kids!
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Source: Newsflare


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