New mom creates parody of famous song, hilariously depicts what it’s like to be a new parent

Although parenthood is often discussed in hushed, reverent tones by those without kids, the truth is that raising a kid is a very messy affair. Parents with young children often have a thankless job—though they’re expected to do everything right by their young ones, it can be hard to find someone to turn to when dealing with the annoying minutiae of daily life and the toll it takes on body and mind. If this sounds relatable then the video below from one creative woman living in England is definitely for you.


Sophie Lilley is the mastermind behind Tired N’ Tested, a Facebook page dedicated to “not so perfect parents” which details the daily struggle of parenthood with humor and panache. Her most recent success was a lively parody of Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” that she titled “Smell of You,” a song which serves as a tribute to all the less than pleasant parts of caring for toddlers.


Slotted perfectly over the original lyrics of the song, Lilley details all the most relatable parts of dealing with young children. The need to randomly burst into Disney songs to stop toddlers from crying, the struggle of getting a lunch you worked so hard on literally thrown on you by a crying infant and the evergreen struggle of changing dirty diapers. Overall, the chorus sums it up nicely: “and even though my heart loves you, I’m annoyed by the things you do.”


Although the song talks about the annoyances of child-rearing, the clip clearly shows Lilley’s love for her children—after all, they are the stars of the video! Aside from her many jokes at her children’s expense, Lilley also takes plenty of shots herself. These include her unrequited love for Tom Hardy and her confusion at how her body has changed as she’s settled into motherhood. Obviously, the song has struck a chord with audiences worldwide: as of print, the clip has racked up more than 24 million views on Facebook.
Above all, viewers are responding to Lilley’s video for its honesty and humor on a difficult topic. It can be all too easy to feel alone or unappreciated when raising children, especially when those children are too young to tell you how much they appreciate your love and affection. By finding humor in a difficult situation, Lilley has made the entire situation lighter for herself and for other moms. Take a look for yourself and get ready to laugh.
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Source: Tired N’ Tested


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