Ragged old man’s rejected from bike shops. When 1 salesman is kind, he’s stunned by his reward

In practically every store, you’ll find a couple of crew members running around which are there at all times to keep an eye on the shop and spot customers who might need help with something. “How can I help you” is the phrase that is most often said when a customer enters the door.
Unfortunately, that one phrase wasn’t heard for a long time by Lung Decha from Thailand, an older man with a somewhat shabby look. He wore an oversized and filthy shirt, extensively worn out pants and was running around in flip flops.

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Lung was going through a number of bike stores in his home country, but sellers just assumed he was a very poor person and was just roaming around with no intent to purchase a motorcycle.
The attendants of the bike stores simply ignored him whenever he tried to ask more information about the bikes, as they felt it would just be a waste of their time.

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In one of the stores, however, Lung was treated with the same amount of dignity and respect as any other customer. The store clerk made sure to answer all of Lung’s questions and even showed him all the different bikes they had to offer to bring a smile to Lung’s face. However, he still didn’t expect Lung to actually be able to purchase a motorbike.
When Lung finally told the seller that he picked a bike and wanted to purchase it, he was stunned. The man handed over 600,000 Thai baht, which roughly equates to 17,500 dollars.

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It turns out that the man was carrying around the money in his pocket the entire day, and waited for the one store that would welcome him.
The story about Lung and his dream of riding a motorcycle was shared by his sister on social media. Lung had been dreaming of this for a long time and worked extra as a mechanic to afford the bike.

Source: Viral4Real

Lung’s story proves that we should never judge a book by its cover, and this store clerk’s kindness and hospitality definitely paid off.
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