“Wheel of Fortune” puzzle has internet’s imagination running wild, but contestant nails it

If there’s one game show that is known internationally and by a number of different generations, it’s ‘Wheel of Fortune’. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past dozens of years, Wheel of Fortune is a game show where contestants must reveal a phrase that is slowly being revealed on a board.
Now as you’d expect, imagination can do some pretty funny things sometimes. Just recently, a new objective board in the game show was presented with only three small words, and more than half of the letters were already filled in. It seemed like an easy task.
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However, as we know, not everything is as it seems. A picture of the game board was shared on Twitter where hundreds of people speculated about the only and correct answer to the board.
People guessed that the correct phrase would be “Sick at work”, “Luck at York”, “Hack at work”, “Lick it fork”, and some more slightly expletive suggestions as well. This Wheel of Fortune board certainly had social media puzzled.
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Luckily, the actual contestant that needed to fill in the correct answer had much more luck in choosing the correct answer. In less than a second, the contestant replied with “Back at work” to score a well-earned point.
Simplicity can be marvelous sometimes.
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