Tiny mouse darts toward cop in hall. He freaks out and sprints for his life in hilarious fashion

Some of us will probably be proud to admit it, but we all have fears – some of those fears are more rightly so than others. Afraid of heights, afraid of spiders or even afraid of clowns, they’re all quite popular phobias and tend to scare people to death.
Source: Liveleak, Saint Petersburg Police Department
As the saying goes, the best way to overcome your fear is to face it. I’m sure this particular police officer from the Saint Petersburg Police Department in Florida won’t agree with the saying, as he came in close contact with his greatest fear: a mouse.
Source: Liveleak, Saint Petersburg Police Department
The officer of the law is seen walking down a hallway quite gently until he sees an unwanted visitor. He spotted the small rodent on the tiled floor of the police department and immediately freaked out. He ran for his life and tried to get out of that hallway as fast as he could. He even looked back to the mouse to see how fast it’d go to make sure it wouldn’t catch up to him.
Source: Liveleak, Saint Petersburg Police Department
The funny incident was captured on tape by a security camera and posted on the internet. The officer’s reaction to seeing the mouse is hilarious, to say the least.
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Source: Saint Petersburg Police Department


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