4 Major Reasons Why You Need to Avoid Bottled Water

Water is an essential part of your diet and life. You won’t be able to function without water.

Just look at your body structure. Your body is 60% water. Sometimes it needs a refill and sodas, or sugar-full juices won’t do the trick.
I’ve said it a couple of times, but I need this to grow into your habit. Your daily intake of water shouldn’t be less than two liters a day.
It will flush all the bad things from your system, and will help your digestion and weight loss.

Now, I found an interesting thing about bottled water. It came out that there are certain dangers you are exposed to while you are consuming and making one of the biggest industries richer.
There are four primary reasons why you need to avoid bottled water.
Let’s check them out.

Reason #1: “Ripoff.”


I was serious when I said that we are making one of the biggest industries richer.
Bottled water manufacturers make a fortune every time you are buying water.
Business Insider came out with details saying that the price of bottled water is twice as much as gasoline and 2,000 times as tap water.

So, the simple math is that you are going to spend $600 more for a year if you are drinking bottled water instead of tap water.
“But we are drinking 100% natural water from the bottle. Tap water could be harmful because it contains many different chemicals”.
That’s what bottled water companies teach us to think.
Almost 48% of the bottled water comes from tap water. The never ending source for our favorite brands of water is from the public sources. The same sources where tap water comes from.
We drink the same water with a different mindset. And still, the bottled water industry manages to get away with $86 billion pure annual profits.
Don’t get me started on which companies we support with buying bottled water.

Reason #2: Supporting Unethical Companies

Ups. It’s too late now. I already started with the whole gibberish about bottled water.
With every bottled water bought we are supporting all unethical companies like NestlĂ© and Coca-Cola. I took them as an example because both of them are the largest water “manufacturers.”
Coca-Cola spends millions of dollars to prevent GMO labeling and hogs resources in third-world countries to keep their profit margins as high as the moon.

On the other hand, Nestlé is the No.1 hated company because it relies too much on child labor, mislabeling and pollution.

Reason #3: Water Bottles Destroy the Environment

We are doing as much as we can to save the environment. It’s not the bottles themselves that are ruining it.


Companies are using enough fossil fuels yearly to keep 1 million cars running all year.
If you don’t know what fossil fuels are and why are, they called the enemy no.1 of the environment. It’s time for you to read this.

Reason #4: Plastic Bottles Are Bad for Your Health

The plastic bottles are made of polyethylene terephthalate, which is the longer version of PET. The chemical in the PET bottles is called antimony that can create dizziness and depression if it’s taken in small doses.
A big number of the plastic bottles contain BPA. A chemical connected with the obesity in people, behavior problems and birth defects.

Canada took a step against BPA and banned it from using. The US and UK companies are still using it to make their bottles.
If you want to learn more about bottled water, check this video:

Don’t forget to warn your friends about the dangers of bottled water.
David Wolfe
The Guardian
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