7 Health Risks Your Eye Color Discovers About You

Very often, eyes say a lot more for us than we want people to know.

Have you ever heard someone saying, don’t tell me, your eyes said enough?
Well, even though this is only a saying, there is truth behind your eyes.
They are the mirrors of your soul. The color of your eyes is like the cherry on top.
When I was a little girl I used to believe that blue eyes have superpowers. My sister has brown eyes and mine are blue.

She was always jealous of my eye color. Sorry sis. She often asked my mom and dad why she doesn’t have eyes like mine.
Good luck explaining that to a little girl.
Back to the magic powers. I used to sit in my grandma’s lap listening to all these stories about people having special abilities.
She told me how blue eyed people are the leaders in this world. They have the power to turn things around and even defend us from evil.
If I stare long enough without blinking, I will hypnotize the person I am staring at. That’s what granny told me.
She really loved me, don’t you think?

Even though I was a little girl I knew there is something magical behind every eye color.
With the blue color leading the way, of course.
Things changed after I grew up. I discovered that they don’t have super powers. And that was the rough reality.
I miss granny’s stories.
The eye color is the first thing someone notices when he/she meets you. Even though some say otherwise, it’s the truth.
7 Health Risks Your Eye Color Discovers About You
But did you know that your eye color has the ability to discover a health-related issue?

I found a study relating eye color with several health issues.
The co-author of the study, Dawei Li, said that the researchers have discovered a connection to multiple disorders like depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia.
I felt chills on my skin even from reading these issues.
Reading more about the eyes and what they “hide” I found another interesting interview.
Dr. Jari Louhelainen has a really interesting theory about what the color of our eyes discovers. You can find the whole interview here.
Now back to the main topic.

What are the health-related issues the eyes discover

I didn’t find these conditions to scare you. I just want to raise awareness that something can be cooking there.
If you notice something like this on your eyes, you should visit a doctor.

Liver problems

The sudden change of eye color can predict some major problems. Red eyes can be a sign of some kind of an allergy.
However, yellow eyes mean liver problems.
If the iris changes color, you are on the verge of developing some other problem.

Age-Related Macular Degeneration

This is a very common reason for vision loss. It attacks people older than 50.
Several studies have shown how having light colored eyes could mean bigger risk to macular degeneration.
It’s still unclear whether this is exactly right or not. There are still studies that are searching for a better evidence about it.

7 Health Risks Your Eye Color Discovers About You

Pain Tolerance

This is really interesting. The American Pain Society came out with a study saying that women with light eye color are able to stand pain better than women with darker eyes.
This is highly noticeable during the process of giving birth. Women with bright eye color have less anxiety and sleep disturbance due to pain.
Some doctors believe there is a connection, but there is no way they can prove that.

Alcohol Tolerance

I don’t drink alcohol. I mean, I enjoy a nice glass of red wine, but that’s it. Having dark eyes is closely linked to alcohol tolerance levels.
They react to alcohol faster than people who have lighter eyes.
Don’t get fooled by this. It doesn’t mean that you should start over drinking alcohol because you have light colored eyes.
This only means that people with dark eyes drink less than others because they are highly sensitive to it.


Melanomas are very common in people who have blue eyes. It’s even scientifically proven.
This issue has something to do about with the genes. It’s the TYR and OCA2 in the eyes. They both affect the immune system.
People with blue eyes have a less reactive immune system. Therefore, their bodies are not that good at destroying cancerous cells.

7 Health Risks Your Eye Color Discovers About You


This is an autoimmune disease that attacks the skin. Same like the melanoma, this attacks the immune system.
People with brown, hazel or green eyes are vulnerable to this health-related issue.


A Study in the American Journal of Ophthalmology has revealed something about people with dark eyes.
It was stated that they have a bigger risk of developing this disease.
Cataracts is an age-related health issue that results in cloudy eyes and loss of vision.
There you go. It’s important for you to do regular check ups at your doctor’s office. You better be safe than sorry.
When was the last time you checked your eyes?
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