8 Effective Yoga Hand Signs for Treating Various Health Issues

Many people are suffering from migraines, anxiety, depression, and stress.

That’s the result of the stressful environment they live in every day.
And that’s not even the worst thing.
All of these problems I’ve mention lead to even bigger health issues that you won’t be able to deal with by yourself.
It’s where your family begins the struggle helping you stay alive.

You don’t want that, right?
I might have the solution for taking care of things before they escalate.
It comes in the form of YOGA!

8 Effective Yoga Hand Signs for Treating Various Health Issues
AS Commission on Student Well-Being

The healing power of this underestimated treatment is amazingly good.
All of the gestures with the hand are called mudras and help you direct the flow of energy into your body.
Your brain will feel the stimulation resulting with calmness and relieving stress.
If you have a deep problem of anxiety, migraines, or depression, practicing these mudras will help you on a longer term.
Can you commit to trying all of these mudras for the next month for the sake of your health?
Let’s check them out:

Prithvi Mudra – The Mudra of Earth
It’s used to fight off stress and exhaustion. Performing it on a regular base you are going to improve the blood circulation and calm the mind.
Vayu Mudra – The Mudra of Air

It releases excess air in your stomach and helps people suffering from arthritis or Parkinson’s disease.
Varun Mudra – The Mudra of Water
By doing this mudra, you are going to regulate all the fluids in your body. It leads to a beautiful, glowy, and perfectly moisturized skin.
Gyan Mudra – The Mudra of Knowledge
The mudra used for improving concentration and memory. People perform this yoga hand sign as a natural remedy for insomnia.
Agni Mudra – The Mudra of Fire
This mudra stimulates the work of your thyroid gland. It might be useful for dealing with anxiety, digestion, and weight problems.

Prana Mudra – The Mudra of Life
By performing the mudra of life, you are going to feel the energy balancing through your body.
Apanu Vaya Mudra – The Mudra of the Heart
The yoga hand sign that boosts the work of your heart. It should be performed daily. It’s highly recommendable for those who already survived a heart attack.

Shunya Mudra – The Mudra of Emptiness
It helps those who are having difficult times and suffer from migraines and earaches.
I hope these interactive videos showed you how to perform all of these yoga hand moves.
If you have any other questions related to this, shoot me an email or leave a comment below.
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