How To Remove Brown Spots On Top of Your Hands?

The summer is coming, so it makes the perfect time for me to share this with you.

Are you familiar with brown spots showing up on the skin?
Spots like these typically occur in parts exposed to the sun. I’m talking about face, shoulders, hands, and forearms.

Don’t worry. It’s not something you should take for granted. They don’t harm your health, but could look embarrassing sometimes.

People keep visiting their doctors for treatment, but I have found a way for you to remove them at your home.

The person you are going to see in the video is Dr. Doug Willen. He is the author of Quantem Paleo.

How To Remove Brown Spots On Top of Your Hands?
Dr. Doug advises you to treat these brown spots with a homemade remedy. This cure includes apple cider vinegar and onion juice.

Here is the complete recipe for this mixture and how to use it.


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