10 Healthy Alternatives to Toothpaste and 3 Simple DIY Recipes

Why are you buying toothpaste?

Let me guess the answer.
To whiten your teeth and to make your breath smell good.
That was tough. I’m kidding of course.
Many of the companies who are making these toothpastes are using chemicals to reach the desirable goal.
Sometimes that means danger. I found couple of toothpastes that contain titanium dioxide, sodium fluoride and glycerin.
The fluoride is still controversial. The FDA approved it, but it’s still linked to several health risks from ingesting it.
I know you don’t swallow your toothpaste.
But c’mon.
Do you actually believe that you are getting it out of your system completely?
For those who don’t want to use chemically produced toothpastes, I found healthy alternatives to toothpaste.
Maybe you won’t feel the same effect right away, but you’ll get there.
Let’s see these natural substitutes and then I’ll show you the DIY recipes.
  •      Baking soda – It whitens teeth and removes plaque. Dissolve it in water and apply it on your teeth

  •      Sea Salt – Dip the toothbrush in sea salt and brush your teeth. You can also dissolve sea salt in water before using

  •      Hydrogen Peroxide – Put some on your toothbrush and scrub. It will whiten your teeth and clean them like the toothpaste you are buying.

  •      Herbal Tooth Powder – It heals inflammation and infections in your mouth

  •      All natural soaps – You’ll get that soap-ish feeling, but it will make your teeth white.

  •      Tooth soap – Use some tooth soap to clean your teeth.

  •      Coconut oil – Put a tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth to clean your teeth. Brush with water.

  •      Oil pulling – The same thing you do with the coconut oil.

  •      Oral irrigation – It’s a device that pulses water to clean the debris out.

  •      Essential Oils – Make sure these are taken orally. Put 2 drops on a wet toothbrush and do what you normally do.

You’ll probably get the same effect.
If not, you can always use these 3 simple DIY toothpaste recipes:



10 Healthy Alternatives to Toothpaste and 3 Simple DIY Recipes


10 Healthy Alternatives to Toothpaste and 3 Simple DIY Recipes
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