DEVELOPING: Amsterdam Scientists Shrunk Breast Tumors Without Chemo

Every day when I read about potential cures for breast tumors is a good day. This disease that hunts women’s minds and health should come to its end once and for all.

The feeling is overwhelming to see how scientists are battling with all their power to find the perfect cure.
I don’t know if you’ve heard, but this is the most common cancer in women. The devastating results continue as 1 in 8 American women will develop it in their lifetime.
That’s bad news. However, with scientists like these, we can catch a break and believe that someone will find the cure.
There has been a new developing in the whole process. Amsterdam scientist managed to find a new way to eliminate breast cancer without chemo.

Breast Tumor Breakthrough

DEVELOPING: Amsterdam Scientists Shrunk Breast Tumors Without Chemo
National Breast Cancer Foundation
The research is led by Professor Nigel Bundred. He presented it at the EU Breast Cancer Conference in Amsterdam. The results of these tests show the effectiveness of a pair of drugs known as Lapatinib and Herceptin.
Both of these drugs are commonly used in the breast cancer treatment. However, this is the first time they are combined and used before surgery and chemo.
The good news is that they found a way to eliminate some types of cancer in 11 days.
That’s awesome!
The study group wanted to use the drugs and attack a protein called HER2, which affects the division and growth of the cancer cells.
If this treatment is right, it could eliminate the need for chemo and surgery in some cases.

Study Results

DEVELOPING: Amsterdam Scientists Shrunk Breast Tumors Without Chemo
257 women with selected for this study. They all had HER2 positive breast cancer. 130 of them were divided into three groups. Some of them received Herceptin and the others Lapatinib. They treated both groups for 11 days after and before surgery.
The third group went without treatment before surgery.
The results of this study found that the combo of Lapatinib and Herceptin eliminated the breast tumor in 7 of the 66 women, and 11 additional women noticed shrunken tumors.
Clearly, both drugs in combination have an enormous impact on the breast cancer cells as opposed to using it on their own.
The only problem here is that the Herceptin’s licensing prevents the drug from using alone without chemotherapy. However, we hope that the results of this study could change that.
As you can see some of the things are not complete. Don’t lose hope, though. There is a lot of work here, and with all the medical advancements we are on the verge of finding the cure for many diseases.

According to a study conducted in England, 1 in every six women in the US is reporting a breast cancer symptom to their doctor.

It’s usually noticeable if you have a lump in the breast and you know that something bad is cooking right there.
However, the breast cancer symptoms are not always coming in the form of a lump.
Lots of women started visiting their doctors for a regular checkup and found out that they have a breast cancer.
This came unexpectedly as they didn’t know how to notice the symptoms that probably show the appearance of breast cancer in the early stages.
It’s highly important for all women to see this and remember the signs of breast cancer to seek medical help first.
Here are the five warning signs all of you should know:

New Moles or Strange Change in an Existing Mole

Women Must Stop Ignoring These 5 Signs of Breast Cancer
Science News
A study shows that a woman with moles all over her body has a 13% increased risk of developing breast cancer than women with no moles.
They are an early indicator of this cancer type.
You should check any particular change or new moles with your doctor.

Hoarse Throat and Annoying Cough

There are situations where the breast cancer spreads to the lungs. This leads to persistent coughing and hoarse throat.
Statistics say that 60-70% of all cancer patients metastasizes to the lungs which cause a dry cough and shortness of breath.

Irregular Bladder Movement and Bowel

Women Must Stop Ignoring These 5 Signs of Breast Cancer
Most of the cancers come equipped with these warning signs.
Women with breast cancer experience a change in their hormones that leads to drying of the urethra and incontinence.
The result is leaking of urine while sneezing, exercising, coughing, and laughing.
On top of that, these women have the urgency to urinate very often and the urination takes longer than usual.

Unexplained Fatigue and Tiredness

Breast cancer patients can feel tired even if they just got up from bed. It could lead to depression and strange pain, as well.
The most curious thing about it is that you didn’t do anything to trigger it with physical exercises or work. It comes from the chemical imbalance in your body caused by cancer.
That’s why you can’t explain this symptom.

Unexplained Pain in the Back

Women Must Stop Ignoring These 5 Signs of Breast Cancer
Huffington Post
Studies discover that a breast cancer could be responsible for your pain in the back.
Patients usually feel pressure on the ribs and spine that could spread to the upper back.
Before jumping to any conclusions, it’s important for you to check this situation up with your doctor.
I’m sharing this with you because it could grow as a serious issue. Women must know these five warning signs of a breast cancer.

Oh wow. Tears went down my face when I first read this.

It’s a really touching story of a woman who managed to cure breast cancer by herself. She is a really strong person and I admire her!
Her name is Tamara St. John and her journey begins with being on her own when she discovered about this disease.
No money in the bank, no job and not enough time to go treat the cancer that rapidly started growing inside her.
All the treatments are very expensive. The last chance was to try an all-natural cancer treatment.
They are exactly the opposite of going “under the knife”, radiation, or chemotherapy.
All of these are proven as doing damage to your body. There are side effects that are hardly manageable. Many people quit. They can’t hold on to the end of it.
What would you do if you were Tamara?

The Heartbreaking Story of a Woman Who Cured Breast Cancer
It’s hard to be in that position right now.
She just lost her job and was on a verge of finishing her Master’s Degree. Something strange was going on with her breast. She was feeling a lump all the time.
With all those problems she faced at that time, she decided to go online and find an alternative cure.
She had nothing to lose.
If you ask her, she will always prefer the natural way. Even if she has money in her pocket. Natural is the best way, she says.
Apricot kernels, detoxing, juicing, cleansing, exercises, and laughter were the methods she used to cure her cancer.
The struggle and the time it took to cure the cancer seemed forever. She finally did it.
She advises to keep the curing method all natural. It’s best like that. If you want something to work faster, she says that you need to try traditional hospital treatments based on alternative treatments.
I have a video right here that will definitely make you shed a tear or two.
I can’t even imagine the struggle and the pain all women in the world go through. The fight against breast cancer became a global fight these days.
Anything should be done just to raise awareness of this disease. Luckily, this heartbreaking story ended well. This woman is now cured and living her life.


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