Did You Know That the Dryer Sheets Are Toxic?

The dryer sheets are the best helpers around the house, especially when you live with a baby or pets.

New clues are saying that the dryers could be toxic.
Your fresh-smelling dryer sheets contain fragrances and chemicals more than we think.
So many tricks and tips for using dryer sheets are out there, and women adopt them in their houses like their favorite guests.
It came out that a single tip of throwing a dryer sheet with your clothes will “enrich” them with extremely toxic chemicals.
And that’s not the worst thing. You need to wear these clothes after exposing them to the dangerous materials.
Exposing yourself to these chemicals can affect your eyes and skin alongside your nervous system.
If you are not convinced, yet, here are seven reasons for you to think again before buying dryer sheets again.

Did You Know That the Dryer Sheets Are Toxic?

Toxic Chemicals in Your Dryer Sheets:

  1. Alpha-Terpineol
When a person comes in contact with this chemical it causes headaches, respiratory problems, central nervous system damage, and loss of muscular control.
  1. Benzyl Acetate
The chemical links to pancreatic cancer. Exposing yourself to it leads to dizziness, red eyes, dry skin, confusion, and drowsiness.
  1. Benzyl Alcohol
It could damage your central nervous system and irritate the respiratory tract.
  1. Camphor

It’s a pine oil derivate. Being in contact with it increases the heart rate, reduces the appetite, and suppresses breathing.
If you are regularly exposed to this damaging chemical will affect the central nervous system, lead to disorientation, vomiting, and more.
  1. Chloroform
Often used in the dryer sheets. It’s one of those chemicals that you can absorb fast through your airways, mouth, and skin.
Exposing yourself to this could lead to respiratory depression, eye irritation, and skin sores.
  1. Ethyl Acetate
The chemical is found in most clothes softeners. What you didn’t know is that it’s present on the EPA’s Toxic Waste List.
Constant exposure to this chemical leads to irritation in your throat, eyes, and nasal passages.
  1. Dichlorobenzene
A chemical found in pesticides and dryer sheets. It acts as an anti-static agent, but it can irritate the throat, skin, and eyes.
According to EPA, the dichlorobenzene has all the features to be a human carcinogen.
All of these chemicals could be present somewhere else in your house.
That’s why I regularly warn you about checking up the labels before you buy something.

We are not aware that we have something in our houses that will help us do wonders. Take Petroleum Jelly for example. Its major role is to be a lubricant. Some people use it as making their skin softer or something like that.

I’ve never used it. I’ve never felt the need to go and purchase petroleum jelly to do something with it. As it seems, I need to start doing it.
There is so much potential in this mixture of hydrocarbons that it’s impossible how I didn’t know this before.
But, you know how they say, better late than never.
These interesting and life-changing uses of the petroleum jelly will fit right into your life solving many problems.
Before you check what are these ways, you need to make sure you have petroleum jelly in somewhere in your home.
Got it?
Let’s go.

1. Remove Lipstick Stains

Bet You Haven't Thought Of Using Petroleum Jelly In These 34 Ways
Got some lipstick on clothes by accident or on purpose, no need to throw them away. Blot petroleum jelly on the stain before washing the fabric and the stain will be gone.

2. No More Hair Dye Stains On The Skin

Bet You Haven't Thought Of Using Petroleum Jelly In These 34 Ways
Slick some dabs of Vaseline along your hairline before you dye your hair and the dye will stain the jelly, not your skin.

3. Clean Watermarks From Wood

Bet You Haven't Thought Of Using Petroleum Jelly In These 34 Ways
Water rings are sometimes impossible to remove from wood. However, if you apply petroleum jelly and let it sit overnight, when you wipe it off in the morning the watermark will go away with the jelly.

4. Prevent Self-Tanning Mishaps

Bet You Haven't Thought Of Using Petroleum Jelly In These 34 Ways
Use Vaseline on trouble spots such as ankles, elbows, knees, and wrists before self-tanner application. The ointment will act as a barrier cream on these drier areas and prevent uneven absorption for a more natural-looking glow.

5. Bring The Old Leather Jacket Back To Life

Bet You Haven't Thought Of Using Petroleum Jelly In These 34 Ways
Don’t spend money on expensive leather moisturizer to take care of your favorite leather jacket. The same effect can be achieved with vaseline. Apply, rub it in, wipe off the excess, and you’re ready to go.

6. Open the Nail Polish Bottle With Ease Every Time

Bet You Haven't Thought Of Using Petroleum Jelly In These 34 Ways
Before closing the cap on your nail polish bottle cover the rim of the bottle cap with some vaseline and you’ll never have a sticky bottle cap again.

7. Keep Ants Away From Pet Bowls

Bet You Haven't Thought Of Using Petroleum Jelly In These 34 Ways
No need to buy specialized pet bowls that prevent ants from crawling all over them. Ring the base of the bowl with petroleum jelly and the ants won’t be able to reach the kibble.


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