Guess How Much Weight He Gained After 10 Cans of Coke Each Day?

Some people exploit themselves for the sake of science. That’s good for all of us, but probably bad for them.

There are lots of people testing themselves to the limits. Like this man right here.
He wanted to see what happens if he drinks 10 cans of coke every day for a month. And he got to see what happens.
That’s a lot of sugar. A LOT!
This is George Prior. He is a 50-year-old normal person like all of us.

Guess How Much Weight He Gained After 10 Cans of Coke Each Day?
He wanted to prove that Coca-Cola is not the way if you want to keep yourself active during the day.
Yes, some people use Coca-Cola to stay awake. It’s because of the caffeine level in this drink.
George even documented the whole process.
Few days after, he started noticing the changes. In his weight, of course. He was gaining almost a pound per day.
10 cans per day equal 900 more calories than the normal daily intake. But that’s not it.
He also added 250+ grams of sugar. Just to put this into the right order, a normal caloric intake for an adult like him is 1800 calories. George was consuming a half of that every day just by drinking Coke.

Guess How Much Weight He Gained After 10 Cans of Coke Each Day?
After a while, the addiction came. The saggy breasts and weight were just one part of the story.
This sugary drink is extremely addictive and if his can wasn’t around, George found himself begging for intense cravings.
Going deeper into this “diet”, George’s blood pressure went up. From 129/77 at the start of this challenge to 145/96 at the end.
This was a scary experience for him. After this challenge ended, George quickly quit this drink. He didn’t want to see it anymore.
In 5 days, he lost about 4 pounds.
His encouraging final words were a real advice for every parent out there.
He said that Coca-Cola is dangerous especially for kids. Do not allow your kids to fall for Coca Cola’s marketing tactics and get addicted of it.
You can see the full story here:
Is any of your friends addicted to this drink? – Warn them about the consequences.


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