Their Majesties Guava and Guava Leaves and Their Medicinal Benefits

Did you know that Guava is one of the most popular fruits? I didn’t. When you first see Guava it instantly leads you to Asia.

Nutritionists say this is the first thing you see and look for when you visit any country there. It’s considered as a highly beneficial mouthwatering treat.
However, the medicine there and all over the world uses it for its purposes. It has been found that this plant has amazing health benefits.
And it’s not only the fruit. Its leaves too are used for medical purposes.
I really haven’t seen this fruit anywhere in our grocery stores. If some of you know where i can find this fruit please let me know. I must try it.
Considering its medical benefits you should too. It’s nice to have a variety of fruits around us. They do come in handy.
Imagine if we all transfer to healthy food. You will forget the directions to the hospital.
We are getting there. You will agree that knowing more about these wonderful fruits, vegetables and plants will lead the way to healthier life.

Their Majesties Guava and Guava Leaves and Their Medicinal Benefits
With that being said, I promised you the benefits of this fruit. Here we go:

His majesty, the fruit!

The fruit is full with many vitamins and minerals. However, the greatest thing about Guava is the huge amount of Vitamin C it contains.
The best way for me to explain this to you is comparing it to oranges. They are considered as one of the biggest carriers of Vitamin C. Well, the Guava has 4 times more than that.
Yes, you read it right. Alongside this vitamin, there is 10 times more Vitamin A than you can find in lemons.
The Guava is able to promote good health with its B2, K and E vitamins.
I think you can vividly see why this fruit is highly beneficial now. You want to know the best part? There is more.
The mineral variety is also very long. It comes equipped with manganese, iron, phosphorus, copper, calcium and potassium. On top of that, there is the fiber and folate to maintain your health level.
It’s important to note that it doesn’t need chemical treatments to survive. It belongs among the least sprayed fruits.
According to this, the guava fruit is really one of the healthiest fruits out there.

But what about Guavas leaves? How did they find their place here?

Its leaves are used for making tea. The practice has started in South America and Mexico. It belongs to the traditional medicine.
The tea from the leaves is given as a natural remedy for intestinal distress.
It wasn’t long before they found their way into traditional medicine. The compounds found in the Guava’s leaves have a proven way of killing pathogens that cause diarrhea.
Now you know why I used the word “majesties” at the beginning. The guava fruit and its leaves should be included in our diet.
I already asked the manager of the local grocery store to get me this fruit. I really want to try it.
Let your friends know more about this magical fruit and its leaves. I know they will love it!


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