Here is Why You Should Never Drink “Overslept-in-Glass” Water

My husband never goes to bed without a glass of water lying on the nightstand. I thought everything is fine with that. He is getting thirsty through the night and he drinks it.

A couple of days earlier, I saw him drink it first thing in the morning.
I’m completely positive that everyone needs to do that in the morning, but I wasn’t so sure about that glass water that stayed there the entire night.
I mean, the water has been there the whole time. In the glass. Something was stuck on my mind and I couldn’t stop thinking about it.
I asked him why he does that. He said, why wouldn’t I? – Aren’t you the one who says to drink a glass of water in the morning?
Men these days…
Here is Why You Should Never Drink "Overslept-in-Glass" Water
I then explained what I meant by that. He just listened and walked off.
After I finished my morning workout routine and made a delicious smoothie, I sat down on my computer.
The research took some time, but I finally found a shocking truth about this habit.
It seems my husband wasn’t the only one drinking water that stayed in a glass overnight.
Many people were concerned about this. I think the following scientific explanation answers all the frequently asked questions.
The Discovery News said that microbes could easily pollute plain water. Food contains proteins and sugar to prevent that, but water does not. When the water gets in touch with air after some time it absorbs a small amount of CO2. This means that the water partially is transformed in carbonic acid with changed chemical properties.
In other words, if you drank a glass of water that stayed overnight, you probably noticed how the taste has changed.
This is because the carbonic acid releases 2 protons and converts into bicarbonate or carbonate. This leads to decreasing of the water’s pH levels. That’s why the taste has changed.
Plus, the water is exposed to bacteria and dust for several hours. This reacts and changes the taste, too.
Maybe the side effects won’t be shown right away. Maybe your body is resistant to that bacteria and dust in your water. But why risking?
Isn’t it better when you drink fresh water in the morning?
Avoid water that stayed in the glass for several hours as much as you can. Fresh is always better.
Do you know some friends with the same habit? – Sharing this with them could change that.



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