Here is the Secret For Long Life by a 100-Year-Old Heart Surgeon

Stories like this give me a lot of motivation.

I want to live a long life. Do you?
Why wouldn’t I?
My neighbor is 89 years old and she is still as healthy as a young girl.
She claims that God has forgotten about her.

But I know she has some old secret that she is holding on to.
I will leave granny Martha for other time.
Now we have to welcome this 100-year-old heart surgeon.
You won’t believe this.
His name is Dr. Ellsworth Wareham. He helped many people with his hands during his long career.
Read this: He retired when he was 95.
Can you imagine that?

He was healthy enough to go for 95 years of working as a heart surgeon.
That’s… pretty awesome.
I can already imagine myself. Writing these helpful blog posts, while I am 95 years of age.
I will definitely announce my retirement through that post.
Can you imagine that for yourself?
Dr. Ellsworth has a special secret for a long life.
Let’s hear it shared directly by him.
This video was posted in 2013.
Two years later, nothing has changed. He is still living with full speed.
He has been a vegetarian for 50 years. That’s a lot.
And he misses nothing. He looks full with energy and like he could go another 50 years.
As you heard from the video, he is vegetarian.
Speaking of vegetarians, this woman lives the same healthy life.
I have a feeling that vegetarian and vegan diets are becoming popular.
Don’t you think?

Lots of studies showed up confirming the benefits of a vegan diet.
Plant-based diet is recognized like reducing the risk for many illnesses.
That’s exactly what’s being said in this study made by the Harvard Medical School.

Here is the Secret For Long Life by a 100-Year-Old Heart Surgeon
Health Harvard
There are many benefits of going vegetarian.
You are not forced to go full vegetarian. There are several types you can choose from.
If you see that some of these styles suit you, then you can try a different variety.
Here are the varieties:
  •      Total Vegetarians – Don’t eat meat, poultry, fish or any animal derived products.
  •      Lacto-Ovo Vegetarians – Do not eat meat, fish, but eat dairy products and eggs
  •      Lacto Vegetarians – Do not eat meat, poultry fish or eggs, but eat dairy products
  •      Ovo Vegetarians – Avoid meat, but sometimes include fish or poultry.
Pick one. Hold on to it for some period and put the benefits on paper.
Will you follow the same routine as these vegetarians?


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