Where Are You Getting Fat The Most? Here is How To Fix it!

Now let’s get down to business.
Fixing the problem can be easier than getting the problem.
Maybe it doesn’t sound like that when you are getting fat all the time.
It does in my ears.
I’ve achieved it!
People fear from getting fat again after they finally got that extra weight down.
It shouldn’t be like that.
No, seriously. Where is the real problem?
In the program? Nope.
In the nutritionists? Nope.
In you? Yes. Definitely.
How come other people got fit following the same workout and diet routine?
There is that obstacle you can’t pass on. The first bump and you are down.
This workout doesn’t work. Change it.
This diet suck. Change it.
Find something healthy that will suit you and stay to it!
Let’s try this approach.
It’s a new one. I guess.
Find yourself in this picture.

Where Are You Getting Fat The Most? Here is How To Fix it!
Where are you getting fat the most? What areas would you like to trim down?
Accepting that you are fat in these areas is one thing.
Complaining about it and not doing anything is another thing.
Isn’t like that for everything in your life?
Let’s get through this and then start working on it.
  1. Obesity of food

The most common one. You are addicted to food intake and sugar.
No one says you need to quit eating. You just need to quit eating those damaging things.
Reduce food that causes obesity. Slowly replace the obesity causing meals with clean healthy food.
Exercise 30 minutes a day.
Enjoy your healthy life.
  1. Obesity called “nervous stomach”

Eating while stressed?
I was too.
I quit. Now I enjoy my calm life with organic food all around me.
Plus, it would make you reduce the stress too.
Stressed people are always looking for sweets. Seems familiar?
Control your anxiety with physical activities that will relieve your stress.
It helps a lot.
  1. Gluten obesity

Women suffer from hormonal imbalance.
All those menopauses, adolescent problems and other influences cause hormonal imbalance.
So what? Should you give up? Nope.
Avoid smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol.
Include some exercise. Add some weights in it. It will force your body to do more and burn calories more effectively.
  1. Atherogenic Metabolic Obesity

As I can see you are the one who struggles with your stomach fat.
You feel like you are a balloon sometimes?
It’s okay because you will do something that will change all that.
These are the people who consume alcohol or smoke cigarettes and have trouble breathing.
What to do? Try some exercises that involve effort.
Any cardio exercise will do the trick. Stick to it.
Quit smoking.
You will improve your breathing and see the benefits of having a flat stomach.
  1. Obesity due to venous circulation

It’s not a problem. It’s an excuse.
Venous circulation can appear during pregnancy. People who have swollen legs suffer from this.
It can be fixed.
Exercising every day can make things better.
It will get your blood flowing and help you lose weight.
  1. Obesity of inactivity

My favorite.
When I ask someone do you exercise? – Her answer is: I was, a few years ago.
This kind of obesity attacks all the parts that were active previously.
It won’t stop until you start working on them again.
You had a flat stomach? Tight butt? Great body?
What changed?
Start working again. I know you felt great when you had that smokin’ body.
While doing that, make sure you don’t go a long period without eating.
Keep up your clean diet. Don’t slow your metabolism starving for food.
Are you ready?
Let’s get your body back?
Do you recognize any of your friends here? Do it together!


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