How The Improper Use Of The Toilets Endangers Our Health?

I never thought that this could be such an issue. It came out that the improper sitting on our toilets could affect our health.

Just pay attention to the ancient times. People didn’t have modern toilets back then. They only needed to dig a whole, and that’s it.
They were not aware of what could happen to them and still they were very healthy.
Our ancestors were not affected by problems like hemorrhoids, colon cancer, Crohn’s disease and more.
All of these diseases can be attached to the improper use of the toilet. Feel free to consult with your doctor about this. She will give a much clearer image of the problem.
Before you do that, let me show you what I have found. Experts say that the way we use our toilets can contribute to many diseases.
How The Improper Use Of The Toilets Endangers Our Health?
Let’s check them out:

A sequence of Diseases

Some studies brought up a vivid picture of the sitting position. Researchers revealed that the sitting position could lead to inflammatory bowel disease, colon cancer, and hemorrhoids.

Modern Toilets as a “Causer” #1 for Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids appear when the lower part of the colon gets infected. On top of that, long sitting on the toilet seat when defecating could lead to the same problem, as well.

Modern Toilets Worsens Bowel Inflammation

The usual way of sitting on the toilet causes partial emptying of the colon. This occasion leads to various inflammatory processes in your intestine.

Urinary Infections

The same goes with urinating. Women never empty the bladder while using the toilet like this. The unpleasant situation could lead to inflammation of the urinary tract.

Menstrual Problems

By sitting on the modern toilets, you are not applying enough pressure on the pelvic muscles. It means, a part of the menstrual fluid remains inside your vagina.
That’s dangerous because it can cause an appearance of staphylococci.


According to the doctors, the right way to sit on the toilet is with the help of an additional chair that will bring your body in the position you can see on the picture.
Like this, you are preventing the chances of getting some of the diseases I mentioned before.
Plus, it’s easier to use the toilet like that. Try it and you will notice the difference right away.
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