How This Guy Changed His Life In 60 Days of Yoga?

A single tweak can change your whole life. If you heard something similar to this, you need to believe in that.

There are many cases where people struggled for a long time to find their path.
One single change and they start moving full speed ahead.
Same thing goes for Geoff Teehan. He was an athletic guy with regular sports involvements during the week
He struggled with one thing. His belly. He hated it.
It’s not that he wasn’t into sports. In his interview, he said that he plays a few sports and he is really good.
However, his lifestyle made it hard for him to leave the unhealthy habits aside. Going to the gym wasn’t his thing because of his busy life.
Minimum time for sleeping and thinking about getting things done all the time, he saw himself with a belly in no time.
That was until he changed his mindset. It was time for a change and he knew where to strike first.
He set a challenge for himself. 60 days for a new habit!
How This Guy Changed His Life In 60 Days of Yoga?
It’s what the scientists determined as enough to form a new habit.
Teehan realized that he is disconnected from himself. He became a robot who doesn’t use his own potential.
He didn’t determine what made him try yoga, but boy we are glad he made that change.
60 days were enough for him to get in his best shape. Extremely motivational.
He made a choice. A smart one. He opted in for yoga. Something new for him. He knew it would increase the connection he has with himself.
If you read the studies of yoga, it really impacts directly on the anxiety you feel.
It can reduce stress and anxiety, especially among women.
Teehan’s effort was exceptional. He made an effort to do yoga every day at 5 a.m.
He committed to practicing yoga even when he Is traveling. That’s it. Strong will and commitment to hold to your word.
He found himself committed and more attached to himself. It was the new him. Thanks to yoga, there were other changes in his life.
He began to cook every night, he cut out alcohol, cut down caffeine and sugar and all of that resulted with deep and relaxing sleep.
One thing led to another and he found himself more committed to everything he did. He looks closely, thinks deeply and keeps his word.
Everything became more personal and sincere. With his new confidence, he now feels alive and hungry for doing amazing things.
Can you imagine? – He found his path.
Are you ready to do the same change and see whether it will do the same thing for you?
Let’s do this 2-month challenge. I do yoga regularly every Wednesday. But let’s do it together for the next 2 months. Every day.
I want to feel what he feels.
Are you up for it?
Invite your friends. More is better!


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