Onion In The Ear As A Cure? That And 12 More Onion Healing Secrets

Would you look at that? An onion can solve so many health problems you might have. I don’t know about you, but when I see a natural remedy like this my faith in hope restores.
As you know, I’m more about finding the right recipes for cooking food or finding the best solutions for you to decorate your home than anything else, but this is different.
No one could resist something like this. This time, it’s the onion we are looking at. I was always using it to give that nice tasty kick to a meal, but now I will start using it for its healing secrets, as well.
I remember the old times when the elderly people in my neighborhood were eating raw onion. One onion a day keeps the diseases away. This was their mantra.
People tend to avoid this beneficial food because of its smell or taste. That is no longer an excuse, because these days there are many ways how to cover that bad breath. Right?
Let’s take a look at onion’s healing powers:

1. Treat earaches and even migraines

Onion In The Ear As A Cure? That And 12 More Onion Healing Secrets
Remove the soft core of the bulb with a clean cloth, and place it at the very beginning of your ear and leave it overnight. Be careful not to insert it too deeply. The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of the onion will prevent infection and treat ear pain, ear infections and even soothe migraines.


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