Prevent Unnecessary Waste With These Awesome Kitchen Hacks

We waste tons of food while we cook. Because of that, our pocket is getting shorter. It’s time to save money on food.
How will we do that?
By implementing these tricks in our lives.
Did you know that 40% of the US food supplies ends up in landfills every year?
Well, now you know.
We are wasting too much food. I probably shouldn’t mention this, but the food we waste can literally solve the hunger trouble in some of the poor countries.
Like I’ve said before, there are 11 tricks you can steal from here and make sure you stop wasting food.
They will open up your mind and make you think outside of the box for new tricks and tips.
After that, feel free to share them with all of us like we did here.
Let’s see these tricks that will change the way we cook and use food:
  • Keep your greens in a plastic bag. Blow into the bag and seal it tightly. The carbon dioxide that the greens release will keep them fresh for a longer time.
Prevent Unnecessary Waste With These Awesome Kitchen Hacks
  • Keep the asparagus fresh. Cut an inch off the bottom of the stalks and store the asparagus upright in a mason jar with an inch of water. Place a loose plastic bag over the top. Use a twist tie to keep them from fitting to the jar. Stored asparagus like this will stay fresh for 2 weeks.
  • Get all the lemon juice out. Use tongs to squeeze out the last drop of lemon juice.
  • Prevent avocados from turning brown. Store them with a cut onion. The sulfur from the onion will make sure to keep the avocados from oxidizing.
Prevent Unnecessary Waste With These Awesome Kitchen Hacks
  • Make a difference between a good egg and a bad egg
Prevent Unnecessary Waste With These Awesome Kitchen Hacks
  • Prevent the onions from molding or sprouting. A hole-punched paper bag is one way to keep them fresh and firm fro months.
  • Make your own reusable food wrap. Sometimes we are out of plastic wrap. The market is far from home. Don’t worry. I have good news.
Here is what you need to do:
  1.      Take a few squares of 100% organic cotton fabric
  2.      Place it on parchment lined cookie sheet
  3.      Preheat the oven to 17 degrees F.
  4.      Sprinkle shaved beeswax over the fabric and bake in the preheated oven for 10 minutes (until melted)
  5.      Use a brush to smooth the wax and let it dry
  • Keep brown sugar from hardening. I hate when I see the brown sugar hard as stone. Just add more brown sugar there or some marshmallows. It will do the trick!
  • Keep the potatoes from budding. Just store your potatoes with apples. The apples are releasing a gas called ethylene that preserves the potatoes.
Prevent Unnecessary Waste With These Awesome Kitchen Hacks
  • Empty butter wrappers in the freezer. You now have a pan greaser! This is how you get off that small amount of butter off the wrap.
  • The end of the jam jar. Instead throwing away the jar or washing out the remains, you can make a fruity vinaigrette. Add olive oil, vinegar, and shake!
You see my point? You won’t have to throw food away anymore. This will change the way how you look at food.
Now, share this with your friends. They want to include this in their lives, too.


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