Science Says: Tequila Helps You Lose Weight!

Yeah, I was surprised, too. This could come as great news for some of you. However, please don’t celebrate with tequila just yet.
Let’s see what this research says.
This new study comes from the American Chemical Society. It reveals that the sugar found in the plant that is used for making tequila could help lowering blood glucose.
Of course, it seems the study comes as ordered for the people with type two diabetes.
The researchers are ready to collect more proof in the upcoming studies. Like any other study, this too needs more research.
Until then, let’s focus on what I’ve learned.
Science Says: Tequila Helps You Lose Weight!
Agavins is the form of sugar found in the agave plant. It’s non-digestible and the study shows that it can act as a dietary fiber.
The result of this plant doesn’t come in a form of glucose. In fact, it has the ability to lower it.
According to Dr. Mercedes G. Lopez, one of the head researchers, while the agavins reduces the glucose level and increase *GLP-1, it also increases the amount of insulin.
*GLP-1 is a hormone that stimulates the production of insulin and slows down the emptying of the stomach.
Lopez added that agavins are not expensive and they didn’t show any side effects. It only comes down to the people who can tolerate them.
Just to make sure, they tested this on lab mice.
All of the mice were fed with a standard diet. The scientists have added agavins to the water. The research after that revealed that the mice who consumed agavins ate less than the others.
Plus, they had lower blood glucose levels.
So, tequila?
Don’t take anything for granted just yet. Researchers need to take some time to prove this to people.
There are other methods that can help you with your weight loss. I believe alcohol isn’t one.
But, if you need to pick a “shot” when you are in the club, make sure it’s only ONE shot of tequila.
Don’t overdrink it.
See what your friends have to say about this.


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