Scientists Tested a Way To Force Cancer Cells Kill Each Other

The huge struggle scientists go through to find the perfect cure for cancer is going in another direction.
I feel like they are closer to the real solution each time they publish a study.
This new research goes deep into the cancer cells. They probably found a way to kill them.
How? – By turning them against each other. This is probably the most reasonable solution of all we had so far.
That’s because all the treatments people with cancer go through are damaging the healthy cells, as well.
Yes, I’m talking about chemo and the ability to kill healthy cells. People go with chemo because they think that’s their only choice.
I don’t blame them at all.
That’s why scientists want to find the cure that will replace chemo and be the solution to cancer.
The goal is to make the cancer cells turn into active antibodies that will attack the dangerous malignant cells.
Many people will say: Oh yeah? Go tell this to a person with cancer.
It sounds unbelievable, but the doctors from TSRI have published something that will change the way we look at cancer cells.
Richard A. Lerner has led the whole team of researchers. He is an Institute professor.
Scientists Tested a Way To Force Cancer Cells Kill Each Other
The other members of the team are Lita Annenberg Haze (Professor of immunochemistry at TSRI), Kyungmoo Yea (an assistant professor of molecular biology at TSRI), and several other colleagues of theirs.
Their goal is to find antibodies that will trigger growth factor receptors on immature bone marrow cells.
They took acute myeloid leukemia cells from human patients. They have tested only 20 of the latest receptor-activating antibodies.
Accidently or not, these professors have revealed something else.
They found strange effects of the antibodies on marrow cells during the treatment for certain immune cells.
The most intriguing part here is that some of the cells transformed into something different. Into neural cells.
This method probably started changing the cancerous marrow cells into healthy cells.
Scientists Tested a Way To Force Cancer Cells Kill Each Other
The results of this research showed that it was Thrombopoietin (TPO) that made the whole difference.
This is the receptor found in many of the acute myeloid leukemia cells mentioned before. When this antibody is injected into the cells, they develop blood-platelet-producing cells.
What’s more to this, the cells later transform into dendritic cells, which are considered as very important for the immune system.
They concluded that if these antibodies were acting longer, there would be more and more dendritic cells created and matured.
Natural killer cells were finally formed. These cells are here to protect the immune system and attack all potential dangerous tumors and pathogens.
Scientists Tested a Way To Force Cancer Cells Kill Each Other
For further research and confirming what the researchers found, these natural killer cells were observed through electron microscopy.
The lab test showed unbelievable results. These natural killer cells had some kind of superpower. They turned against their former brother cells.
A smaller group of these natural killer cells defeated almost 15% of the leukemic cells in 24 hours.
That’s really astonishing.
Researchers have noted that these natural killer cells are still with pure nature. They don’t have the ability to attack unrelated breast cancer cells. They were tested with related leukemia cells.
The reason for their action is still unknown as researchers work hard to find what’s behind this.
And finally …
Scientists Tested a Way To Force Cancer Cells Kill Each Other
This accidental discovery could turn out to be a great thing. A revolutionary way of treating cancer can come out of all this.
I’m raising my hopes right now and pray these professors will find the final solution to killing cancer cells.
Lerner said that this is a new approach to cancer. They are going to continue working hard and test this in human patients.
What do you think about this?
Imagine if this finally works and people with these kinds of cancer will finally be cured.
Share the hope with your friends. It will mean a lot to them.


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