What Are The Best Natural Sources of Protein for Your Body?

People still have doubts when it comes to food. I keep getting these emails people asking me about this.
Some of the questions are whether I use whey protein powder or some protein pills.
This morning I got a very interesting standpoint by one of my readers. She said that using WHEY protein powders are 100% better than natural foods.
I stopped reading the long email right there. That was enough for me.
Whey protein powders are good. As a matter of fact, I already shared a recipe using 2 scoops of protein powder. For that recipe, I used powdered peanut butter.
I always prefer doing things naturally. I’m a nutritionist. I trust the nutrients in the food. Everything that is processed is not that beneficial.
Other people who have the same approach claim that you couldn’t get enough protein from food.
I disagree with that. There are really powerful sources of protein around us. The problem is in you. Either you are making excuses or you know nothing about what foods contain protein.
My daily protein intake is satisfied with a couple of foods. If you ask me, the foods you will see below are the biggest natural sources of protein ever.
They are available everywhere. It’s not hard for you to find them.
So here we go. The natural sources of protein I can’t live without.


What Are The Best Natural Sources of Protein for Your Body?
Because they are the kings of all breakfast recipes. They are like the “cherry on top” or the protein source for every meal.
Boiled, baked or scrambled. It’s not important. They can be mixed with all other natural and healthy foods and still taste awesome.
So many recipes are done with eggs. This is the no.1 food I can’t live without every morning

Greek Yoghurt

I only use it to make my eggs taste even better. Before I do scrambled eggs, I put Greek Yoghurt in the mixture for richer taste.
It comes packed with 9 essential amino acids and two times more protein than regular yoghurt.
Leave that aside, it also helps maintain a healthy body. It’s packed with probiotics, which keep your digestive system well balanced.
I can see lots of women consume Greek Yoghurt with banana as a post-workout snack.

Chicken Breast

What Are The Best Natural Sources of Protein for Your Body?
Every lunch is complete with chicken breasts. Other than it’s full with proteins, it comes with high thermogenic effect.
There are foods that contain this effect and allow you to burn 30% more calories simply by eating them.
Chicken breasts are included in that list. They contain 9 essential amino acids, low in saturated fat and very versatile.


Your vegetarian source of protein. All of them. Lentils are a great choice. One cup of cooked lentils contains 10 grams of protein.
Mixing them with other protein rich foods will give you enough protein for your day.
They are not full protein food because they don’t contain the 9 essential amino acids.
But still, they are amazing protein source for vegetables.


The usual suspects when it comes to snacks. They make great protein topping on salad, fruit, raw honey, or smoothies.
I like them raw. After every workout, I eat a handful of walnuts. Among the protein level, they are packed with the essential fatty acids and numerous vitamins and minerals.
What Are The Best Natural Sources of Protein for Your Body?
You can mix them with berries and Greek yoghurt. My workout buddy told me this.
There you have it. There are other protein sources you can find. I can say these foods are my daily habits.
Your body needs every nutrient available in the healthy food. You miss all of them by consuming protein powder.
What’s your protein rich food you can’t live without? I want to see it in the comments section.
Your friends need these foods in their diet too. Can you see the sharing buttons below?
You know what to do with them.


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