Things Happen To Your Body When You Eat Two Eggs A Day

Even though eggs were believed to be harmful due to their high cholesterol levels in the past, it is now known that they are extremely beneficial. Namely, eggs are a rich source of vitamins, minerals, protein,  and antioxidants.
Doctors suggest eating 2-3 eggs on a daily basis as a way to improve overall health.
Yet, note that you should not eat more than 3 eggs daily if you suffer from heart issues or diabetes.

Here are some of their most important health benefits:

Help weight loss 

  • eggs reduce cravings and lower appetite, leading to weight loss.

Strengthen bones 

  • Eggs are high in calcium and vitamin D which are essential for the health of teeth and bones. The combination of these nutrients supports the metabolic processes in the bones.

Improve eyesight

  • Eggs are abundant in lutein, zeaxanthin, and vitamin A, all of which improve eyesight. Vitamin A is needed for a proper vision in the dark, and lutein and zeaxanthin are powerful antioxidants which prevent eye issues and free radical damage.

Support the health of the skin, hair, and liver

  • The egg yolk is rich in protein and sulfur which improve skin quality and revitalize dull and weak hair, while the lecithin detoxifies the liver and helps digestion.

Lower the risk of cardiovascular disease

  • Eggs contain 40 grams of good cholesterol, which supports heart health. The body is able to regulate its own cholesterol levels, so the high cholesterol levels are not dangerous. Moreover, the omega-3 fatty acids lower triglyceride levels and prevent cardiovascular problems.

Protect the brain

  • Eggs also contain choline, which is essential for the optimal function of the brain. This neurotransmitter sends stimuli to the brain and nervous system, and its low levels negatively affect memory and the brain function.

Slow down the process of aging

  • A German study has discovered that the regular consumption of eggs prevents skin cancer and slows down aging. They are rich in pigments such as carotenoids. For best effects, eat the eggs boiled.

Lower the risk of birth defects

  • Eggs contain 0.7 mcg. of folic acid which is extremely important during pregnancy, as it reduces the risk of birth defects and prevents damage to the nervous system of the embryo.
  • Therefore, eggs are undoubtedly ones of the most beneficial foods we can consume.
  • Their nutrients regulate multiple body processes and improve overall health, so make sure you consume them on a daily basis.



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