4 Ayurvedic Practices to Boost Your Immune System

 Depending on the season of the year, you might not even pay attention to it. 

But, as soon as the temperatures start to drop and we notice the first signs of a cold, we wonder how is our immunity. 

Do you consider yours to be good?

In the colder seasons, we are more prone to catch colds and flu, so it is important to take care of our immunity to keep our bodies healthy and to balance the body, mind, and spirit. 

To help you restore the balance of your body and boost your defense system, in today's video we bring you some tips from traditional Indian medicine. 

See 4 Ayurvedic practices to boost your immune system: 

1) Start to see food as medicine 

2) Wake up before dawn and establish a morning routine 

3) Practice self-massage 

4) Practice alternate breathing 

So, did you like learning all these ways of improving your health during the coldest months of the year? 

Slowly add these changes to your routine until they become habits that will help you reap a lot of benefits!


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